Things are shifting in today’s kitchen, especially in the kitchen of these three  surfers/foodies that call Southern California’s coast home.  Just like any perfect love story, team EAT MY WAFFLES (EMW), met over their passion for good food, waves, and a tight knit community of friends that redefines family.  They joined forces in the waffle biz when the crew was casted for “The Great Food Truck Race” in 2018.  Inspired to create a waffle mix that was healthy, unique and the perfect fuel to their active lifestyles, team EMW hustled and busted out a grain free, gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added mix that was sure to confuse 75% of Americans, but win them over with amazing taste and unexpected creativity.

Fast forward three weeks, yup, that’s all the time they had to create something extraordinary, the team didn’t make the final cut.  Don’t worry, they aren’t ones for a pity party.  Rather, they celebrated the beginning of something so unique that they just had to share it with you all.  They decided to push their waffles to the market and a year later, 2019, team EMW brings you their very first flavor, ORIGINAL, with a few others anticipated to debut in the near future.  Staying true to their “Expect the Unexpected” motto, EAT MY WAFFLES promises to mix it up!


(co-founder, the numbers guy and adrenaline junkie)
Always looking for big waves, big mountains, big trees, and big adventure. Loves the outdoors as much as he loves food (& Waffles).  His children are what fuels his passion for life.  He is also the first one to sneak into the test kitchen for a sample of the next new flavor. Spends his days finding way to work remotely from the beach or other exotic locations.

Fav waffle:
Banana chocolate chip waffle, topped with peanut butter, banana, toasted coconut, and drizzled with honey… Sooooooooo GOOD!!!!!

(co-founder, the flavor innovator and momma bird)
Loves good food!  Seriously, it’s all she can talk about if she’s not surfing and even then, she’s probably chatting food.  May be a mermaid.  Loves her hair salty and her feet sandy.  Sleeps well under the stars and trees.  Sneaks away to doodle and write. Thinks she is the funniest person she knows.  She’s a farmer with a fancy degree.  Loves good whiskey, dark chocolate and smoky flavors.

Fav waffle:
roasted red pepper waffle with pesto, chevre, sautéed arugula, a runny egg, and heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with coarse pink salt and fresh cracked pepper.

(co-founder and creator of EAT MY WAFFLES branding)
Is quite comfortable in the kitchen, it’s his happy place!  Loves central coast California for its wine and fresh air. Travels often to meet new people, see new places and take in new experiences. Forever filling his cup with adventure. Still rides a bike for fun, but these days he finds himself on remote roads instead of in the pro cycling circuit. Loves his dog Tater.  Being in the ocean keeps him young.

Fav waffle:
jalapeno corn waffle with roasted sweet potato and chorizo hash with a fried egg and cilantro to top it off