Where can I find and purchase EAT MY WAFFLES products?2019-02-19T23:05:43-08:00

You can purchase our products on our website, and on Amazon. Check out our store locator to find a local retailer near you.

Do your products contain allergens?2019-02-19T23:04:56-08:00

EAT MY WAFFLES products are free of grains, gluten and dairy. All of our products contain Tree Nuts in the form of almonds and coconut. We do not contain peanuts.  All EAT MY WAFFLES products comply with industry standards for allergen controls. Our Good Manufacturing Practices include conducting full allergen cleans between production runs and lab testing for the absence of dairy and gluten on every run.

What is not in EAT MY WAFFLES products?2019-02-19T23:04:36-08:00

EAT MY WAFFLES products are grain free, gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added, no salt added, no preservatives, no soy or legumes, no colorings, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers.

Is there sugar in EAT MY WAFFLES2019-02-26T23:10:12-08:00

There is no added sugar in our mixes.  However, the 1g of sugar on our nutritional label comes naturally from the coconut flour in the mix.

What do we sweeten EAT MY WAFFLES with?  We use a natural sweetener called Monk Fruit, also known as luo han guo.  Despite its very sweet taste, the monk fruit contains no calories and has no effect on blood sugar.

Is there fat in EAT MY WAFFLES2019-02-26T23:10:49-08:00

The fat in our mixes naturally comes from the almond and coconut flour, a natural fat source also providing medium chain triglycerides.  Once prepared, the fresh egg adds approximately 1g of fat per serving.

Is there sodium in EAT MY WAFFLES2019-02-26T23:11:19-08:00

The sodium in our mixes naturally comes from the coconut flour.  Don’t worry, we skipped the salt!

Are EAT MY WAFFLES Paleo friendly?2019-02-19T23:03:26-08:00

Yes, while we are not certified Paleo, EAT MY WAFFLES can be a healthy grain free, dairy free, no sugar added addition to your day.

Our mixes do NOT contain grains, legumes, dairy, artificial colorings, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers.

Are EAT MY WAFFLES products Vegan?2019-02-19T23:03:09-08:00

While all of our mixes are vegan, we do suggest you use eggs in our “Mix It, Make It, Munch It” instructions.

Is EAT MY WAFFLES mix easy to make?2019-03-01T21:43:44-08:00

We say “Mix It, Make It, Munch It”…add 1 large egg (fresh is best) and 1/3 cup water to ¾ cup of our waffle and pancake mix. (makes 3 servings)  Mix batter well with a wire whisk (even a stick works in a pinch), let sit for a minute. Pour approximately ¼ cup batter onto preheated waffle iron and follow iron’s instructions. For simplicity, use your favorite non-stick spray. For pancakes, same drill but use a pan or griddle and cook over medium heat until golden brown. Let the munching begin!

Where can I find nutritional information?2019-03-01T21:43:56-08:00

You can find all of the nutritional information for our products on our website. Click on a product, click on the images and choose the photo of the nutritional label.  Our label is stylishly placed on the back of our package next to our “Mix It, Make It, Munch It” instructions.  While you wait for your waffles or pancakes to be ready is the perfect time to study up.

Still need help?  Shoot us an email at info@eatmywaffles.com